Mill Construction

The Horizontal Steam Conditioner was designed with the goal of applying the most efficient use of steam and generating the most consistent product. It allows every grain in a batch to receive the same amount of steam with minimal operating pressures. Not only does the Horizontal Steam Conditioner generate consistent product but also does so at lower operational costs — in some cases as much as 40% to 50% less.

Horizontal Steam Conditioner

Revolutionize YOUR personal feed mill with a Horizontal Steam Conditioner to steam-flake grains. We will work with you to assess, plan and provide the most efficient and economical long-term solutions to your feed needs. Some mills are able to replace the existing steam chest with a Horizontal Steam Conditioner.

Most owners find that starting from the ground up is the best option.

Either way, Feedex Companies will help you reach your operating goals.

Mill Construction Services

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