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Organic Livestock Feed for the Entire Country

With our headquarters in the “breadbasket of the world,” Feedex are organic livestock feed suppliers that create superior grains for the agricultural community. Nutrition starts at the ground floor. This is why we are dedicated to producing only the very best in organic feed for horses, cattle, calves, goats, poultry, fish and more!

Farmers and ranchers across the United States count on our organic livestock feed to make their animals happier and healthier! Feedex revolutionized the agricultural industry with our Horizontal Steam Conditioner. We are the only organic feed supplier in the Midwest that steam-flakes our grains. Our team of nutrition and engineering experts know exactly what ingredients and nutrients are needed to maximize the efficiency of your operation.

As a qualified organic livestock feed suppliers, we produce organic feed with a higher starch yield than other facilities. Livestock will gain more weight per pound of food, which means you will feed less often and save valuable resources. Your cows, horses and other animals will improve efficiencies by as much as 20 percent!

We are honored to be your organic livestock feed suppliers. Please contact Feedex for more information about how your farm or ranch can benefit from our high-quality organic feed.