Organic Livestock Feed Production

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Organic Livestock Feed Production — Revolutionizing an Industry

We take organic livestock feed production seriously at Feedex. Being 100 percent organic isn’t easy. If it were so, then everyone would be organic. However, this just isn’t the case. Claiming to be 100 percent organic, and “walking the walk” are completely different realities. There’s a reason why Feedex is the only organic livestock feed supplier that steam-flakes our grains. Our Horizontal Steam Conditioner has completely changed the agricultural industry.

Before Feedex, steam-flaked grain technology had not changed in the past 50 years. The innovations of our Horizontal Steam Conditioner allows us to consistently produce superior organic livestock feed that helps your operation succeed. We produce organic feed for cattle, horses, calves, goats, poultry and fish that are loaded with valuable nutrients and vitamins. Our organic livestock feed production also saves you 40 to 50 percent in operating costs when compared to other alternatives.

Interested in your own steam-flaking mill? Feedex can do that too! We bring our innovative organic livestock feed process to your farm by helping you build your own steam-flaking mill with an automated Horizontal Steam Conditioner. Contact Feedex today for more information, and let’s start the conversation!