organic livestock feed

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk lately about organic food –– in our case, certified organic livestock feed –– and Non-GMOs (non-genetically modified organisms). And maybe all this talk has left you wondering is there even a difference? To many people, it seems like a different way to say the same thing, but it isn’t. Non-GMO is not the same as certified organic.

What are Certified Organic Products and How does Organic Livestock Feed Meet the Standard?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees the inspection of food to see if it’s safe for the American public and has developed a specific certification process for organic farmers. In order for livestock feed to be labeled as certified organic, it has to follow a set of rules, the most important being there can be no use at all of any GMOs anywhere in the food growing and production process. Many organic processors handle not only organic, but Non-Labeled and conventional feeds as well, risking cross-contamination of the organic feed. For Feedex, this means we only process certified organic feed grains in our mill for our livestock feed.

No chemicals or fertilizers (other than organic fertilizer) can be used in the growing process and there are standards for land management including crop rotation and other practices that help keep soil healthy. As for organic processed foods, 95-100% of ingredients have to be certified organic ingredients, and the other 5%, water and salt, for instance, can’t contain GMOs. Any livestock used to produce certified organic food must come from animals who are fed 100% organic livestock feed and animals must be antibiotic and hormone free. Finally, in addition to all those standards, there are third-party verification and inspections and residue testing for a product to be listed as certified organic.

Any product labeled organic and not certified organic, is just using marketing and doesn’t meet the USDA standards, so be careful what you choose.

Feedex certified organic livestock feed meets these standards of organic excellence –– making our products the choice for anyone who cares about being certified organic or who is looking for healthier animals.

Non-GMO and Organic Livestock Feed

Non-GMO labeling doesn’t come from the USDA, but rather a non-profit organization called The Non-GMO project which conducts testing and independent verification.

Non-GMO standards for animals don’t meet the USDA standards for certified organic because animals do not have to be fed organic livestock feed. Antibiotic and hormone use is also allowed for Non-GMO as are fertilizers and pesticides. While Non-GMO labeling is proof a product is taking steps to keep GMO out of the production process, it’s not the same as organic.

At Feedex, we’re happy to meet the USDA standards for certified organic feed because we believe in offering products for your cattle, calves, poultry, goats, horses and fish that are environmentally sustainable and healthier. For more information about organic livestock feed, check out our products page, or visit one of our distributors.