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Summer Feeding Tips – Organic Livestock Feed

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Summer Feeding Tips-Organic Livestock Feed-Feedex Companies

It’s starting to get hot outside, which means your animals are feeling the heat! Your cattle, horses, calves, goats and chickens are just like anyone else. They need fresh water, shelter and the right diet during the summer months to stay healthy. The soaring temperatures can negatively affect milk production, fertility, and the overall health of your livestock. Humidity and heat can also result in the formation of mold and fermentation in livestock feed if it’s not stored correctly. Our organic livestock feed experts want farmers and ranchers to remember these important summer feeding tips!

Organic Livestock Feed Tips for the Summertime

Nutrient Concentration

During the summer, the internal temperatures of your animals rise and their food intake decreases. This means you need to adjust the nutrient concentration in their feed. Protein helps with milk production. However, too much protein during the summer can cause your animal’s body to create excess heat. Fats can help maintain levels of energy when your animals are feeling lethargic. Fiber will help with digestion and can lessen the impact of heat. Contact our organic livestock feed nutritionists for more information on nutrient concentration during the summer.

Feeding Frequency

Digestion requires a lot of heat, which causes extra stress for animals during the summer. It’s recommended to feed in the early morning and late evening when it’s cooler. Keeping your organic livestock feed out of the sweltering heat also keeps grains fresher and safe from mold formation.


It’s so important that your animals have regular access to fresh, clean water. This is even more critical during hot weather. Make sure there are no leaks in water units, and that they are free of contaminants and algae.

Cool Down

Your animals should have shelter from the sun and heat. Make sure there is ventilation, shade, fans, sprinklers and other elements that keep livestock safe from heat stress.

For more information about our organic livestock feed and summer feeding tips, please contact the experts of Feedex Companies. We specialize in premium organic cattle feed, organic horse feed, organic goat feed, organic calf feedorganic chicken feed, and organic fish feed.

Caring for Goats – Organic Livestock Feed Manufacturers

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Caring for Goats-Organic Livestock Feed Manufacturers-Organic Goat Feed
There is a misconception that goats will “eat anything.” This is not so! Contrary to what you see in cartoons, goats do not eat tin cans, newspapers, glue or paint brushes. The diet of a goat is actually really simple. Goats love hay, pasture, forage, grains, minerals, Chaffhaye, fruit, and vegetables. Whether your goats are used for milk or meat, it’s important that they are raised as organically as possible. This means making sure they eat healthy foods packed with the right vitamins and minerals. In the end, healthier goats mean healthier people! The nutritionists of Feedex have created a blend of organic livestock feed that helps your goats stay happy and healthy. Remember these important tips when caring for your goats!

Keep Your Goats Happy & Healthy with Organic Livestock Feed


Your goats need shelter from the elements and predatory animals like coyotes. Pens, barns, huts, shelters and “dog houses” are all great choices depending the breed and size of your goat. Avoid using barbed wire or materials that will create choking hazards. Goats love to climb, so you’ll likely see them standing on top of their houses!

Veterinary Care

Consulting an animal doctor or veterinarian is crucial to making sure your goats remain healthy. Are your goats eating enough, or too much? Do they maintain a healthy weight? Are they acting sick, or make strange noises? Is the goat isolating itself from the rest of the herd? Contact your animal doctor for more information on de-worming, vaccinations, hoof trimming, breeding, and other health concerns.


Like all animals, goats need access to fresh, clean water at all times. Be diligent and make sure you change their water on a regular basis.


A goat’s primary diet consists of roughage such as pasture, forage, hay, shrubs and other plants. The problem is that goats don’t always get the nutrition they need from roughage. Their diet also greatly benefits from grains and specialty feeds. However, you must be very careful not to over-feed goats with grains. This will result in illness, gout, damage to the skeletal system, and even death.

Our nutritionists can help you determine a feeding schedule that’s best for your goat herd. Our organic goat feed consists of steam flaked organic corn, barely, wheat middling, and rice bran. Feedex organic livestock feed for goats also contains beneficial amounts of Vitamin A, Protein, Fiber and Calcium. Contact our experts today to learn more about organic livestock feed, and feeding tips for your goats!

Horse Feeding Tips – Organic Livestock Feed Suppliers

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Horse Feeding Tips-Organic Livestock Feed Suppliers-Organic Horse Feed-Feedex Companies
Horses are easy to love. They are large, powerful, intelligent and beautiful animals. You share a special connection with your horses. It’s a bond built on trust, love and mutual respect. These unique animals need a lot of care, attention, and food to stay healthy and happy! Our organic livestock feed experts have several feeding tips to help farmers, ranchers and equestrians provide the best care possible!

Organic Livestock Feed to Maximize Horse Nutrition & Health

Accurate Serving Sizes

Horses graze constantly throughout the day and consume 2 – 4% of their body weight in pounds of food. This is why it’s so important to make sure they maintain a healthy weight. Your horses should be eating the right type of food in the right serving sizes. Measure your horse’s organic livestock feed portions by weight using a scale. Take note of how much your horse eats and their weight gain. Before long you will know exactly how much organic feed your horse needs. You can then easily measure rations with a scooper or coffee can. Ration sizes will depend on the size of the horse and the amount of exercise they get. Consult with our nutritionists and/or your veterinarian for additional instructions.

Lots of Exercise

In addition to accurate portions of organic horse feed, horses should also have plenty of exercise. Horses that get regular exercise will build strength, burn fat, and maintain a healthy weight. However, you should wait at least an hour after your horse eats before taking them on a ride. Wait at least 3 hours if your horse eats a larger meal. Also avoid feeding a horse immediately after exercise. Give them a chance to cool down, and always make sure they have access to fresh, clean water.

Regular Meals

Horses like sticking to a routine. Give them their meals at the same time every day (usually twice a day). Avoid stressing out your horses by feeding them on a set schedule.

For more information on feeding and organic horse feed, please contact the experts of Feedex Companies. Our 100% USDA certified organic livestock feed uses the very best vitamins and nutrients to promote digestive health, healthy weight gain, muscle development, bone strength, and so much more!

Organic Livestock Feed Requirements

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Organic Livestock Feed Requirements-Feedex Companies-Hutchinson, KS
Not all organic livestock feed is created equal. Maintaining the longterm health of livestock is crucial to the success of any animal-based agricultural operation. Farmers and ranchers can’t afford to take shortcuts in feeding. Animals require the right vitamins and nutrients to assure proper weight gain, bone strength, muscle development and overall health. This is why choosing the right organic livestock feed is a decision that should not be taken lightly. When it comes to organic animal feed, Feedex meets and exceeds all quality requirements.

Surpassing Organic Livestock Feed Quality Standards

Science-Based Formulations

Our consulting nutritionists use superior nutrients and wholesome ingredients for every product. We create science-based formulations based on the unique needs of each animal species. Feedex uses only certified organic corn, milo, barley, oats and soybeans for blending or creating pellet feed for your livestock. Our experts specialize in premium organic cattle feed, organic horse feed, organic goat feed, organic calf feed, organic chicken feed, and organic fish feed. Each product is specially formulated with high levels of Protein, Fiber, Fat, Calcium, and Vitamins A, D and E.

Certified Organic

Feedex animal feed is USDA-certified as 100% Organic. We are certified by Ecocert ICO who is accredited by USDA Organic. Ecocert ICO is the global leader in the certification of organic farming and organic cosmetics.  This means that our organic livestock feed meets the highest quality standards for nutrients, ingredients and processing.

Organic certifications include:

  • Blended Livestock Feed
  • Custom Processing
  • Mixed Feeds
  • Pelleting
  • Steam Flaked Grain
  • Steam Flaked Soybeans

Innovative Manufacturing Process

We revolutionized the agricultural industry with our Horizontal Steam Conditioner. Feedex is the only organic livestock feed manufacturer in the Midwest that steam-flakes our grains. All grains receive consistent steam at low operating pressures. Quality control is the number one priority at every stage of the process. All grain shipments are inspected for GMOs (genetically modified organisms) on arrival. If we detect any irregularity, then the shipment is rejected and new grains are brought in.

To learn more about our organic livestock feed process, please contact the experts at Feedex Companies. We look forward to helping your farm or ranch succeed!

Winter Feeding Tips – Organic Livestock Feed

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Winter Feeding Tips-Organic Livestock Feed-Organic Animal Feed-Wichita, KS
Winter can be a difficult time for farm animals. Snow, sleet, ice and freezing temperatures make life miserable for cows, horses, goats, chickens and other livestock. These conditions can also be life-threatening when the right safety precautions aren’t taken. Farm animals burn more energy during the cold months than at any other time of year. This is why it’s important to feed your animals the right organic livestock feed, so they can maintain proper weight, strength, and good health. Our organic animal feed experts have several tips to keep your livestock happy and safe while you’re waiting for spring.

Organic Livestock Feed Helps Animals Stay Healthy During the Winter

Fresh Water
Make sure your animals have enough fresh water at all times. It’s a common misconception that farm animals receive the water they need by eating ice and snow. This can actually lower their body temperature, which results in more energy being used to keep warm. Be cautious when using tank heaters to unfreeze drinking water. Improper use can sometimes cause fires, electric shocks, and the electrocution of livestock.

Warm Shelter
Livestock obviously spend their time outdoors, which is why they need protection from wind, freezing rain, snow and hail. Keeping cattle, horses and other livestock warm and protected will decrease energy and feeding requirements. Make sure your animals have enough insulation in their agriculture storage building or barn shelter, and that their bedding is dry and clean.

More Feeding
Your animals expend more energy during the cold winter months. This means they require more food and nutrition to maintain a healthy weight. You don’t just want your cattle, horses and other livestock to “survive” winter. You want your farm or ranch to THRIVE! Every animal must have the opportunity to feed. This is why individual feeding is more beneficial than ground feeding with hay bales. Using the right animal feed packed with valuable vitamins and minerals is of the utmost importance. This is especially crucial for pregnant and young animals. Not using the right feed in winter can result in stunted growth, dead or weak newborns, and poor milk production.

Our organic livestock feed helps cattle, calves, horses, goats, chickens and other livestock maintain their weight and stay properly fed during the winter. Feedex organic livestock feed is specifically blended, so your animals receive the best nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Our special blends are made with steam-flaked oats, corns, soybeans and barley. Each bag of organic animal feed consists of high levels of fat, protein, fiber and starch content to assure your animals gain more weight per pound of food. For more information regarding organic livestock feed, please contact the professionals of Feedex Companies.