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Organic Livestock Feed Process

100% Organic Feed for Healthier Animals

At every step of the organic livestock feed process — from the time grain arrives at our facility to the time we bag our organic animal feed — Feedex is committed to being 100 percent organic.

Our consulting nutritionist ensures that our organic livestock feed process starts with superior nutrients and wholesome ingredients. We check grain shipments for GMOs upon arrival. If any irregularity is found, the shipment is rejected, and we bring in new product. That’s how high our standards are at Feedex.

Feedex processes grains through our Horizontal Steam Conditioner and a roller mill. Flakes are made to your desired weight and thickness. Corn, milo and barley are regular staples, and our specialty is a full-fat flaked soybean, which is high in protein.

When you choose Feedex, you are honoring your commitment to treat your livestock well. Feedex organic livestock feed is the best choice for your animals because our ingredients are steam-flaked and 100 percent organic. This means that not only will your animals be healthier, but you won’t have to do any additional nutritional work.

Feedex is proud to offer farmers and ranchers the very best in USDA-Certified, 100 percent organic horse feed, organic cattle feed, organic goat feed, organic calf feed, organic fish feed and organic chicken feed. For more information about our organic livestock feed products, please contact the experts at Feedex Companies.