The Feedex Way
Innovative Organic Livestock Feed

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USDA-Certified, 100% Organic Feed

Organic Animal Feed for Cows, Horses, Goats & Chickens

You take great pride in how you treat your livestock. We take great pride in offering you a USDA-certified 100 percent organic feed that makes your animals healthier and happier.

The Feedex Way helps ensure that the organic feed you give your calves, cattle, poultry and other animals honors your commitment to raising healthy livestock. As you know, healthier animals equal a healthier bottom line. With the higher nutritional content in our feed, you’ll feed less, which means you’ll save time — and money.

We don’t only sell organic livestock feed. Feedex also offers services such as nutrition consulting, feed construction and mill construction. We are innovators who are dedicated to supplying farmers and ranchers with the very best organic feed in the industry.

Take a minute to explore the processes we employ at Feedex to ensure our products are 100 percent organic. Read about our company history, our people and our facilities. Learn more about the Horizontal Feed Conditioner that we use to steam-flake grains. View our organic certification, and our organic livestock feed products. Feedex is proud to offer the agricultural community with the very best in USDA-Certified, 100 percent organic horse feed, organic cattle feed, organic goat feed, organic calf feed, organic fish feed and organic chicken feed.

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