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June 2016

Tree-Climbing Goats & Organic Goat Feed

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Goats in Trees-Organic Goat Feed-Feedex Company-Hutchinson, KSIt seems like no matter where you turn on the internet, there are goats. There are goats screaming to Taylor Swift lyrics. Goats are in mainstream commercials selling corn chips, cereal, and even a popular video game app called Goat Simulator, which took the world by storm! Goats are everywhere. Those of us who have goats as part of our families, or businesses can understand the appeal of these stubborn, funny creatures and we want the best for them and take care in choosing an organic livestock feed that help keep our goats happy and healthy. Healthy goats have clear, bright eyes, a shiny, smooth coat, a good appetite and are alert and active.

Goats are ruminants and therefore digest their food in stages in four chambers of their stomach, the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum. Goats can digest fibrous feeds well and the average goat will ingest mostly roughages like hay, brambles and thistles – even twigs. Contrary to popular belief, not all goats will eat anything (like tin cans). Most goats prefer clean, quality livestock feed including the organic livestock feed Feedex makes.

Why organic goat feed?

Our 100 percent, USDA-certified organic goat feed helps with digestive health, weight gain, muscle development, bone strength, lactation, skin and coat health, and boosting energy levels. Thanks to a higher starch content from our steam flaked grains farmers also save valuable resources by not needing less supplementation per feeding! Feedex ingredients include organic oats, corn, soybeans, barley, wheat middlings, bran and are infused with high protein, fiber, fat, calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D — all the fixins’ for a healthy, happy goat! We also carry organic livestock feed, also processed with our horizontal steam conditioner for perfect steam flaked grains.

Goats are so popular on the internet because they are fascinating creatures. They tend to have quirky personalities and most people enjoy watching goat shenanigans including their ability to jump and parkour from place to place. In fact, did you know goats can climb trees? It’s true! Goats are natural climbers due in part to their great balance and their hooves, which have two toes that can spread out to help secure footing and two vestigial toes (called dewclaws) higher up on their legs they can use as leverage when climbing. There are even goats in Morocco that are known for their incredible tree climbing abilities and have become a major tourist attraction. So why did the goat climb the tree? BECAUSE HE COULD!

Keep your goats happy, healthy and as tree-climbing as ever with our organic goat feed. Click here to find out where you can buy our products!